Dehiya Beauty

Dehiya Beauty - Mihakka


The Dehiya Beauty Mihakka is a handcrafted Moroccan exfoliating secret crafted from terra-cotta and covered with virgin wool dyed with natural floral and clay pigments indigenous to the Atlas Mountains.

  • Handmade in Marrakesh by a women-owned cooperative that shares profits with local Amazigh tribes
  • Imported

HOW TO USE: For extra exfoliation with Dehiya's The Glow Argan Beldi soap, massage face in light circular motions.  Can be used on face, body, and feet.

Inspired by the Northern African Warrior Queen of Amazigh ("free people"), Dr. Mia Chae Reddy created Dehiya (de-hee-ya) Beauty to celebrate global and ancestral beauty rituals while returning to simple beauty.  After traveling to Morocco to study under a 4th generation herbalist Dr. Reddy was compelled to develop a  vegan, plant based all natural skincare line that champions diverse and inclusive beauty while ethically sourcing highly effective native and wild botanicals from across the globe.

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